wu-tang corp

wu-tangcorpdot.com mixtape vol 1-deadly venoms - 2006





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poor man militia

poor man militia - crucial the guillotine

hidden aspects




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psych ward

psych ward - decrepid methods - 2007



 01. Intro
Produced By KING TUT

02. 1000 Corpes
Produced by SUTTER KAIN

03 Blood In My Eyes
Produced by Al TARBA

04. Altered Beast
Produced by JNYCE

05. Covetant Of Punishment (feat knowledge & Qualm "Savage Brother's")
Produced by JNYCE

06. Smuthred in Brains (Feat Lhus "Bloodline")
Produced by JNYCE

07. Chambers of Decay
Produced by AL TARBA

08. Meadow 2 Ghetto
Produced by JNYCE

09. The Recipe
Produced by JNYCE

10. Butchery Of Carnage
Produced by JNYCE

11. What Kid
Produced by KING TUT

12. Sermon's Of Vermon

13..BLOODLINE interlude
Produced By JNYCE

14. Thug Shit
Produced by SMOKE SCREEM

15. Faces of Death
Produced by JNYCE

16.The Wrong Place
Produced by JNYCE

17. Santuary's Of Sin
Produced by JNYCE

18. Better Life
Produced by KING TUT

19.Black Mass
Produced By JNYCE

20. Legions Of Demons
Produced by JNYCE

21. Hell's Pits
Produced by AL TARBA

22. Outro
Produced by KING TUT


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graveyard shifter

graveyard shifter - death chamber



01.3 verse sickness
02.dark castle fantasia horror
03.dead bent
05.dont go against the grain feat skit zoda mad cap
06.god cypher
07.i m grave withness
08.lyrical wiz
09.on a mission
10.sparked solarz
11.tha divinity
12.tha pay back
13.tiples blade feat wargod and black flame
14.yo god the sacred message

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diabolic - triple optix ep - 2007

hidden aspects


01.Walk With Me
02.Gods Gift
03.Bite My Shit
06.Bottem's Up (Drinking Anthem)
07.Sit The Fuck Down

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det the bomb

det the bomb - twisted kingdom - 2008

twisted kingdom cover

 featuring production by MASTER PREIST AKA TRAGEDY, NEGRACH and MYSELF

and ill collabs with "PENNY WHY's?" and CESTO, WAR MOB and NAMELESS (CLOCKWORK ORANGE)



01 twisted kingdom intro (det beat)

02 lit wick (det beat)

03 vomitbloodbuttermilk (tragedy beat with pen and cesto)

04 i'm heated (negrach beat)

05 kosmos (det beat with war mob)

06 club undead (tragedy beat with nameless)

07 the end is near (tragedy beat)

08 horrorcore (det beat)

09 twisted kingdom (tragedy beat)

10 these eyes skit (det beat)

11 explosive (yak beat with napalm of war mob)

12 fucku (negrach beat)

13 dethofme (tragedy beat)


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biotic nameless

biotic nameless - street assassins

hidden aspects



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