det the bomb

det the bomb - twisted kingdom - 2008

twisted kingdom cover

 featuring production by MASTER PREIST AKA TRAGEDY, NEGRACH and MYSELF

and ill collabs with "PENNY WHY's?" and CESTO, WAR MOB and NAMELESS (CLOCKWORK ORANGE)



01 twisted kingdom intro (det beat)

02 lit wick (det beat)

03 vomitbloodbuttermilk (tragedy beat with pen and cesto)

04 i'm heated (negrach beat)

05 kosmos (det beat with war mob)

06 club undead (tragedy beat with nameless)

07 the end is near (tragedy beat)

08 horrorcore (det beat)

09 twisted kingdom (tragedy beat)

10 these eyes skit (det beat)

11 explosive (yak beat with napalm of war mob)

12 fucku (negrach beat)

13 dethofme (tragedy beat)


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